Sunday, February 20, 2011


I use psychoactive substances to regulate my life, and accordingly tend to explain or justify my behavior in these terms. It seems unnecessary and self-indulgent to enumerate my medication profile, but these chemicals are essential to my coping.

1. 50mg Vyvanse and 40 mg Adderall daily (Amphetamines).
2. Enormous quantities of coffee.
3. 2.5mg Abilify (Atypical antipsycotic).
4. 300mg Lamictal (Mood stabilizer).
5. Marijuana (1-5 times daily).

These are instruments.


I'm treating this blog as a personal experiment in which I allow myself to freely craft a representation of my personality in order to indulge a common desire to frame my life within a cohesive self-narrative. This blog principally serves as a hobby, a type of action that I typically find difficult to impliment when structuring my life. I consider this blog to represent on three levels: it is a personal project, cultivating of a customary mode of coping (a recreational hobby); it is a process of self-definition, in which I selectively consolidate and analyze information about my life, thus betraying habits of justification and presentation; and finally it is a self-portrait, the outcome of this process, which will exist in a dichotomy with the dynamic portait of the writer that underlies its creation.